Perez Pool & Spa is the comprehensive swimming pool solutions expert in the greater Los Angeles area!

Our customers can expect dedicated, professional services that rival any swimming pool professionals in the state of California.

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Custom Swimming Pool Designs & Builder in Los Angeles, CA

The most dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of swimming pool construction and maintenance, right here in Los Angeles.

Designing a custom swimming pool

From planning and conception to the completion of the project, building a pool typically entails choosing the type of pool, planning custom features, like an outdoor kitchen or barbecue, finding the right builder, obtaining the necessary permits, then the actual construction process itself.

Each pool owner’s usage and needs are different, so we’ll help you find the best pool for you and your family. Perez Pool & Spa has the knowledge and experience you need to make sure all designs are implemented to perfection, and all equipment is installed correctly and safely.

No other pool professionals in the area offer you a wider variety of services, making us the go-to in swimming pool construction and maintenance in Los Angeles.

Pool Maintenance Professionals

With larger pools that see more use, everyday cleaning may also be required. There are a number of factors to consider, including regular maintenance to the equipment that runs the pool, such as pumps and filters.

For all pool and spa maintenance services, Perez Pool & Spa is the absolute go-to in the greater Los Angeles area! From large-scale projects and custom designed pools, to maintenance solutions, repairs, installations and general servicing, Perez Pool & Spa and our team of seasoned professionals offer the absolute best in swimming pool construction, repair, and maintenance.

We’ve built a reputation as one of the leading swimming pool builders in the Los Angeles area and throughout California!

Types of Pool Services Offered

Services, equipment and maintenance often go hand-in-hand. Typically, cleaning out the pool itself, balancing the chemicals in the water and keeping chlorine levels as low as possible and consistently making sure there aren’t any faults with the equipment are all important responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a pool. These are the fundamental services that any pool owner will require.

Aesthetic services, such as adding mosaics on the base of the pool, or functional features like heating may also be added to the pool. If such features exist, additional maintenance will be required to ensure smooth functioning of all of the different parts of the pool, and Perez Pool & Spa is your first choice in service providers throughout the greater Los Angeles area.